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Flashbang is a Level 2 spell in Hide and Shriek.


Spell FlashBang.png

Hide a deafening flashbang trap

  • Type: SpellTarget InteractiveObjects.png Interactables
  • Runes: Runes GhostFlame.png Runes FrightPocket.png

Places a flashbang onto an interactable object which momentarily blinds and silences game sounds when triggered

  • The blind itself only last a short moment, the silence however lasts alot longer.
  • Some in-game sounds are muted while under the effect of flashbang

"On Christmas Eve of 1601, Sir Simon Meeks tripped his own mystical trap, blinding and deafening himself into the new year. From then on, his name entered the occult parlance in regards to being the victim of one's own spell: "to pull a Simon" or "you Simoned it" or "don't Simon."