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Masks are cosmetic items worn by players in Hide and Shriek used to scare their opponent. There are scary masks of famous characters like presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and of more traditional horrors like skeletons and zombies. Masks can be modified with accessories like gooey eyeballs, bloody hatchets.

List of masks[]

  • Mort: An emblematic floating skull. Unlocked by default.
  • Scarecrow: A stitched cloth bag resembling a creepy face. Unlocked at Level 3 or by achievement (Archmage).
  • Old Joe: A rotting human head covered in maggots. Part of DLC.
  • The Mask: A reptilian humanoid head covered by a mask. There are several masks to choose from. Part of DLC.
  • Spike: A spiky version of Mort. Part of DLC.
  • Chuckles: A Clown painted version of the Scarecrow. Part of DLC.
  • Putrid Astrid: A green, acid-like version of Old Joe with a hanging eyeball. Unlocked by Dowloading "Secret World Legends" game.
  • Screaminator: A metallic skull built using coltan and titanium alloy. Part of DLC.
  • Meatface: Several chunks of meat stitched together to resemble the Scarecrow. Part of DLC.
  • Slash: A bloody of Old Joe with a hanging eyeball. Part of DLC.


There are 10 Masks available in game currently.

There is a total of 3 Masks availiable for free, with 234 customisation combinations. (243 if the "Nice to meat you" achievement is completed, however it requires a DLC.)

There are 732 possible combinations including all 7 DLC masks.