Hide and Shriek Wiki

These are the Rules and Tips for Hide and Shriek.



Every Halloween 2 students, one from Innsmouth Academy and one from Little Springs High, compete.

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At midnight they turn themselves invisible.

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Every match lasts 10 minutes. There are two ways to win a match:

  • By achieving a higher score than your opponent before the 10 minutes mark. Points are mostly gained by finding magic orbs and placing them in your own altar. Collecting runes and successfully using spells also grants points.

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  • By scaring your opponent 3 times in a row. This will cause an instant victory regardless of how many points each player had.

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There are many runes hidden around the school. Runes are used to cast spells. Fuse runes for unique effects!

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  1. Look inside cupboards, drawers and cabinets for runes and orbs.
    Tips Look.png
  2. Know what Mort's different faces mean.
    Tips ShriekMeter.png
  3. Your orb will point to your altar after a while.
    Tips Orb.png
  4. Different runes are available in each game, don't be afraid to experiment with new combinations.
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  5. Each spell has specific targets they can be used on.
    1. SpellTarget InteractiveObjects.png Interactables: These spells attach a trap to objects like doors, drawers and cupboards.
    2. SpellTarget Floor.png Floor: These spells create a trap on the floor near the caster. Players can trigger their own traps.
    3. SpellTarget Self.png Self: These spells instantly affect the caster with positive effects.
    4. SpellTarget Curse.png Curse: These spells instantly affect the caster's opponent, no matter where they are.
    5. SpellTarget Aim.png Aim: These are skillshot spells that are fired directly in front of the caster.
  6. There are many masks, frames, voices, animations and decorations to be earned to customize your shriek.
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  7. Be quiet! Your opponent can hear you!
    Tips Noise.png
  8. Do combos with your traps and spells to secure a shriek!
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  9. Look around! Traps usually leave a faint magic residue!
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