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Scry is a Level 3 spell in Hide and Shriek.


Spell Scry.png

Reveal your closest orb and foe

  • Type: SpellTarget Self.png Self
  • Runes: Runes PerilSight.png Runes Hopscotch.png Runes RunicSight.png

Cast to reveal your nearest orb and foe

  • Foe appears as a floating flame which is visible to you even through walls
  • Foe will not appear if they are in another dimension

"The Count of Saint-Germain claimed he could see all things. "To view humanity's naked thoughts," he said, "uncovered by the scrim of demeanor or polite lie, is more burden than gift. The age of information on the spider's web shall prove me wise." Scholars still debate the meaning of these oracular words."